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CarboQuant glycan standards are patented fully synthetic 13C-labeled N-glycans, used as internal standards in absolute glycan quantification by mass spectrometry(1),(2)

They are available as:

– Single pure standard qNMR quantified solutions ( 600 pmol or 2.000 pmol formats)

– Mixtures of quantified  5 -10 standards (1.000 pmol each), including a vial of PNGaseF enzyme

– Kits including a mixture of IgG-glycan standards, PNGase F enzyme, quantification software and all reagents and consumables required for MALDI-TOF based glycan analysis. carboquant web

Advantages of CarboQuant Standards

  • Label-free glycan quantification by MS
  • Absolute quantification of individual glycans in complex mixtures (e.g. glycan biomarkers)
  • No external calibration required, use as internal standard due to stable isotope enrichment
  • Standards are quantified by qNMR
  • Custom-made software for rapid automated quantification available
  • Stable isotope enrichment in glycan core and antennae for fragment quantification
  • Degree of isotopic enrichment can be tuned during synthesis
  • Method transfer between labs and technicians
  • 4-10 Da mass increment of heavy isoptopologue avoids signal overlap between analyte and standard MS signals
  • Standards provided as single isomers, no isobaric mixtures
  • Fully synthetic and characterized by NMR, HPLC and MS, high purity (>95%)
  • Custom synthesis of standards offered
  • Compatible with labeling by reductive amination, permethylation, sialic acid derivatisation


  • Measure serum glycan levels as disease markers by MS
  • Quantify absolute and relative glycosylation in biopharmaceutical development and quality control
  • Glycan biomarker discovery by MALDI (cross-quantification)
  • Increase reproducibility in Lab-to-lab method transfer (internal calibration standard)
  • De-convolute and quantify co-eluting peaks in LC-MS
  • Quantify glycan recovery after sample preparation
  • Protein characterization

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2. Anal Chem. 2015 Nov 17;87(22):11460-7