Absolute Glycan Quantification by MS using Stable Isotope Labeled Glycan Standards

CarboQuant standards are patented synthetic 13C-labeled N-glycans, produced entirely in our laboratory for use as internal standards in absolute glycan quantification by mass spectrometry. They are available as single standards or in kit form including a quantification software and all reagents and consumables required for glycan analysis.

figure 1 glycan quantification


CarboQuant standards

>95% pure

fully  characterized by MS and NMR

show up to 8 Dalton mass gain. No peak overlap

All N-acetylglucosamine are labelled

Quantified internal standards (qNMR )

broad coverage of N-glycan structures



Use of internal glycan standards to improve your glycan analysis workflow

Improve your method robustness with internal glycan standards

Quantify individual glycans in biofluids like any other metabolite

Use MALDI-TOF MS to generate quantitative glycan profiles in biomarker studies and biopharmaceutical research with very fast sample preparation and acquisition


mAbsolute Kits

Glycan Absolute Quantification by Mass Spec. using Stable Isotope Labeled Glycan Standards


Each kit contains

Quantified mixture of 8-11 13C-standards covering all major glycans present

Proprietary peptide N-glycosidase F (PNGase F)

Sialic acid stabilization procedure

Proprietary Quantification Software


video demonstration


in Glycobiology:

Rapid Absolute glycan quantification

Measure of glycan recovery for in sample preparation

Internal standards for the quantitative glycan profiling by MALDI-Tof MS employing mAbsolute kits


Biopharmaceutical development

Rapid high-throughput glycan analysis in clone selection and process development

Quality control

Biosimilar optimisation


Clinical Chemistry Biomarkers

Measure glycan levels in serum samples with picomole precision

Establish cut-off values for glycan biomarkers

Quantify aberrant glycosylation in cancer samples

Internal performance calibrants for method transfer and multiple laboratory studies




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