Glycan Profiling and Identification

We offer UPLC-FLD/MS of 2-AB, 2-AA or procainamide labeled glycans profiling service of cell, tissue or glycoprotein samples, and MALDI-TOF MS based glycan structure identification, including α-2,3/ α-2,6 differential sialylation.

Sample preparation includes:

  • Glycoprotein fraction isolation
  • Glycan release and labeling
  • Chromatographic separation and glycan profiling.

Additional Services:

  • MALDI-TOF MS differential sialylation analysis
  • MS/MS fragmentation for glycan structures confirmation or unknown structures identification
  • Glycosidase treatment

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Glycan Analysis and Quantification

Our glycan quantification service is based on the isotopic dilution method and applied to the Absolute quantification of N-glycans in IgG type monoclonal antibodies by MALDI-TOF MS, both in low and high-throughput (up to 96 samples).

  • Glycoanalysis of biologics
  • Absolute quantification of biosimilar glycosylation
  • For analysis of otherglycoproteins please contact us



Why our service?

  • Only service that currently provides Absolute Glycan Quantification (pmol).
  •  Get your results in less than than 48 h after sample arrival.


Report includes

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  • Glycan quantification with internal standards (not based on quantification of attached fluorophores).
  • Simple sample preparation and data acquisition.

Sample requirements

  • Minimum required sample amount is 50 μg of human IgG type antibodies expressed in CHO cell lines.
  • optimal sample amount 50-500 μg of IgG type antibody expressed in CHO cell lines.
  • For optimal sample condition ship at 4 ºC or – 20 ºC.