Human IgG N-glycosylation Kit

The mAbsolute Human Serum IgG kit contains pauci-mannose, truncated, biantennary and bisected isotope-labeled standards including α-2,6-sialylation. The mixture of standards has been designed for the typical Fc and Fab N-glycosylation profile of IgG 1 type antibodies from human serum.

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The mAbsolute kits, are low- and high-throughput glycan analysis kits, based on highly pure synthetic isotope-labeled internal standards for the absolute quantification of mAb glycosylation by MALDI-TOF MS. Minimal handling and time are required for sample preparation and within seconds, all relevant glycans of a deglycosylated mAb sample are quantified by comparison of MALDI profiles with the corresponding internal reference standards.

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