Each kit contains

  • Quantified mixture of 8-11 13C-standards covering all major glycans present
  • Proprietary peptide N-glycosidase F (PNGase F)
  • Sialic acid stabilization procedure
  • Proprietary Quantification Software

in Glycobiology

  • Rapid Absolute glycan quantification
  • Measure of glycan recovery for in sample preparation
  • Internal standards for the quantitative glycan profiling by MALDI-Tof MS employing mAbsolute kits

Biopharmaceutical development

  • Rapid high-throughput glycan analysis in clone selection and process development
  • Quality control
  • Biosimilar optimisation

Clinical Chemistry Biomarkers

  • Measure glycan levels in serum samples with picomole precision
  • Establish cut-off values for glycan biomarkers
  • Quantify aberrant glycosylation in cancer samples
  • Internal performance calibrants for method transfer and multiple laboratory studies


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