Asparia Glycomics is a privately held spin-off company from the biomaterials research center CIC biomaGUNE which was founded in 2016 to commercialise tools and methodology for glycan analysis and engineering developed in the Glycotechnology Lab led by Niels Reichardt.

These tools include kits for the absolute glycan analysis in clinical glycomics, biopharmaceutical analysis and glycobiology research, lectin and glycan microarrays for the study of glycan-receptor interactions and novel reagents for glycoengineering.

Next to its increasing range of products for Glycobiology, Asparia Glycomics offers customized services in oligosaccharide synthesis and advanced glycan analysis to clients worldwide.

Asparia operates from its modern labs in the Guipuzcoa Science and Technology Park in San Sebastian.

Asparia Glycomics start-up team at CIC biomaGUNE in 2016