R&D projects

R&D projects

Asparia Glycomics is constantly pushing the limits

in the development of new tools for glycan analysis and glycobiology both by client funded contract research as well as through internal development programs. We collaborate with international research centers and companies and are open to participation in EU-funded research consortia in the areas of glycan biomarker development, personalized medicine, microarray technology, glycoconjugate vaccines, and vector glycoengineering. Please contact our Scientific Director Niels Reichardt for inquiries.

Idimo Research project

Idimo addresses the assessment of the regulatory framework in the initial phase, considering risks throughout the product life cycle, and defining safety and performance requirements. It seeks to develop prototypes and validate biomaterials and monitoring systems, ensuring compliance. 

Several leading companies in the sector are participating in Idimo, such as i+Med, AJL, Tecnalia Certificaciones, Createch, Ekolber, IMG Pharma, Innoprot and P4Q. 

Idimo is developed within the Hazitek 2023 framework, for the support of business R&D, supported by the Basque Government and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (ERDF).

Idimo Project