Glycan Standards

Carboquant- absolute glycan quantification with Stable isotope labeled glycan standards


Glycan Standards

Absolute glycan quantification delivers unprecedented precision to your diagnostic applications and enhances robustness of your mass spectrometry based glycan analysis.

Our Carboquant technology based on internal SIL glycan standards for absolute quantification reduces analysis time from days to minutes.
Quantify individual glycan biomarkers or full glycan profiles by mass spectrometry with unprecedented precision and fidelity using our proprietary standards and kits.


  • Asparia accelerates glycan-related analysis by up to 95%
  • Carboquant standards eliminate the need for fluorescent labeling and chromatography.
  • Reduces the risk of human errors
  • Streamlined workflow increases efficiency: By eliminating labeling and chromatography steps, labs save precious time and costly reagents.
  • High accuracy: Use of internal standards maximizes speed, accuracy and robustness of glycan analysis
  • High sensitivity: limit of quantification (LOQ) 0.5pmol, limit of detection (LOD) 0.1 pmol
  • Method linearity: linearity over 3 orders of magnitude

Glycan Analysis Kits

The mAbsolute kits are available as low- and high-throughput glycan analysis kits, based on highly pure synthetic isotope-labeled internal standards. They are designed to contain the most relevant glycans of monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs) for an accurate absolute quantification by MALDI-TOF MS.

  • Convenient: Minimal handling and time is required for sample preparation
  • Fast: Within seconds, all relevant glycans of a deglycosylated sample are quantified by comparison of MALDI TOF MS profiles with the corresponding internal reference standards.
  • Robust: Analyses are reproducible across samples for comparison and consistency.

mAbs N-Glycosylation Kit


Based on the N-glycosylation profile of mAbs produced in CHO cells, the neutral kit contains a collection of 8 biantennary stable isotope-labeled standards.

Human IgG N-glycosylation Kit

The mAbsolute Human Serum IgG Kit contains pauci-mannose, truncated, biantennary and bisected isotope-labeled standards. This kits contains standards fro the most abundant N-glycoforms present in the Fc and Fab fractions of human IgG1 from human serum.

mAbs N-Glycosylation Kit


Based on the N-glycosylation profile of mAbs produced in CHO cells, the neutral kit contains a collection of 8 bi-antennary stable isotope-labeled standards.


Same content as the neutral kit, but includes 3 additional stable isotope labeled standards: the variations of alpha 2-3 sialylated glycans. Although these are usually low abundant glycans on the Fc part of an antibody, their quantification is of interest as they modulate antibody effector function.

Customized kits

Feel free to choose from a constantly extended range of SIL-standards to include in a kit customized to your analytical application.



  • Rapid absolute glycan quantification
  • Measure of glycan recovery in sample preparation procedures
  • Internal standards for the quantitative glycan profiling by MALDI-Tof MS employing a wide variety of samples: protein, glycopeptides, oligosaccharides and mAbs.
  • Internal standards as reference points for increasing method robustness

Biopharmaceutical Development

  • Rapid high-throughput glycan analysis in clone selection and process development
  • Quality control
  • Biosimilar optimisation

Biomarker Quantification

  • Measure glycan levels in serum samples with picomole precision
  • Establish cut-off values for glycan biomarkers
  • Quantify aberrant glycosylation in cancer samples
  • Internal performance calibrants for method transfer and multiple laboratory studies