Lectin Microarray analysis service

Our lectin array service provides a high throughput platform for rapid characterization of glycosylation in proteins, antibodies, hormones, and other glycoconjugates.

The technology utilizes a panel of up 48 different lectins that specifically bind to different N and O- glycans epitopes including :

  • Blood groups B and H
  • T-Antigen
  • Immunogenic α1,3-Galactose
  • Lewis X antigen
  • core a-Fucose
  • Complex branched glycans
  • Others

The panel includes 6 replicates of each immobilized lectin along with immobilized control samples (printing buffer containing BSA)

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Method Summary

Glycoanalysis is performed in triplicate. The glycoproteins samples are labeled with a cy-3/cy-5 dyes, incubated with the lectin array and the interactions quantified by fluorescence detection. Data is provided as histograms showing the corresponding lectin interaction profiles with each sample. Raw data (xlsx format) and a fluorescence image of the incubated lectin microarrays is also provided

Promotional Pricing

Prices are based in the number of chips used. Temporarily the minimum price for service installment will be 1,350 € corresponding to up to four samples per chip.