mAbsolute Quantification Software


mAbsolute Quantification Software

In analogy to isotopic dilution methods employed routinely in targeted metabolomics or clinical biochemistry the use of stable isotope labeled glycans as internal standards could turn a mass MALDI-Tof mass spectrometer into a quantitative glycan analysis tool.
13C-enriched glycan standards show the same physicochemical properties as the natural isotopologue and hence ionize with equal efficiency but they are readily distinguished by an increment in mass.

The MALDI-TOF based quantification method is compatible with a high-troughput performance, yielding a complex data set which can be treated easily with the mAbsolute Quantification Software.

  • Data formats: The software was developed for Bruker data formats, and also accepts data in common formats as .csv, analyzing tenths or hundreds of experiments automatically.
  • Quality control: The software evaluates the quality of the quantification data by calibrating the different glycan isotopologues
  • Results report: The software generates  a customized report regarding absolute and relative quantification data.

Isotopic Dilution Method based absolute quantification

The mAbsolute quantification software takes advantage of the N-glycan isotopologue profiles, with 4-5 abundant isotopologues in the MS spectra of known natural abundances. This characteristic makes that CarboQuant standards are present in the sample at different known concentrations which can be used for absolute quantification.

The software uses up to four isotopologues of each light and heavy glycan to perform a robust absolute quantification.

Other applications

The mAbsolute Quantification Software can be also adapted to any other biomolecule or metabolite and used to perform MS-based absolute quantification studies.

If you have any question or are interested in a given application, please contact us.