The team

Anna Ballesteros

Research Chemist

Anna joined Asparia in 2023 as a Research Chemist within the Glycobiology and Analytical Chemistry teams.

She is mainly involved in the production of purified reference standards and glycopeptides for glycan analysis and glycoproteomics workflows. Her work also includes the large scale isolation and purification of glycans and glycopeptides from natural sources.

Anna holds a degree in Chemistry from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain) and a Master of Science degree in Industrial Chemistry from the same University. In 2022 she completed her PhD work at CIC BiomaGUNE (Spain), where she developed new methodologies for the isolation of N-glycans from natural sources and their derivatisation.

Niels Reichardt

Founder and CEO

Leyre Aramendia

Research Biochemist

Ane Rodrigo

Sales & Marketing Manager

Leticia Pardo

Project Manager & Senior Research Chemist

Francisco Gonzalez

Research Chemist

Anna Ballesteros

Research Chemist

Antoine Lesur

Head of Analytics

Amaiur Odriozola

Senior Research Chemist

Itziar Otazo

Senior Research Chemist